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I don't mean to be rude, but your "perspective" post may feel belittling to people, making their problems seem worthless, and okay, there are people struggling, and people are aware of that, I'm not sure they need someone telling them that their problems don't mean anything. Sorry if this comes across as rude.

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No offense to you either, and my apologies also if this comes across as rude.

But it’s actually meant to be inspirational, I’ve offered advice threw my inbox since I began this blog. Even drew one or two people back from the brink of suicide. I have always been fully understanding and helpful of everyones problems who’s ever came to me for advice. I believe nobody should suffer though, and I also believe everyone should fight for equallity and good in this world, however large there problems.

I’m a far-left bi-sexual with a right-wing entirely straight father, I was abused by him, bullied threw school and spent time in hospitals due to attempted suicides, which I was bullied for more. I took drugs and drank from the age of 13, skipped school and left at 16 with nothing to stand by going forward in life… So then I got sober, and now I’m ob the brink of a job. 

I’ve stayed strong, and now, countless people message me on here saying thanks, how I inspire them and how I’ve made them believe. And that above ^^^ Is the reason I do just that… Help people.

So forgive me, if occasionally, I do make people think that, just maybe, there problems are not that bad. That they can move forward by believing and keeping faith in themselves and humanity.

So no… You’re not rude, but maybe just consider the above. Because it’s best to see the world then hide inside yourself, that’s when your problems will grow… Talking and helping yourself and others is how you grow as a person my friend.

Keep smiling :D xxxxx <3

Lets put it this way… Outside your window in that world, people are being bullied into depression, some suicide. Innocents are being bombed and shot. Children are starving while there parents die of aids. A homeless man will spend tonight under your local bridge. A woman will be abused by her bf tonight, to scared to get help. A child will be beaten by there parents. Both the last two possibly even raped and sexually abused on top of that.

And you’re sat in your warm house, eating food most likely on your expensive internet connected device.

Do you see the reality of your luck now?

This is why I do everything I do.

What's the square root of 69?


Now beautiful people… This is my amazing Irish friend Laura ok, she’s helped me threw alot over the years, without her I might not be here for you today, she’s saved me to inspire and help you amazing people… 

So without sounding cheeky, she’s new to Tumblr, so give her a follow a little welcome to tumblr message and a virtual hug… Because everyone likes hugs, even those drunk Irish friends across the water from me.

Nah, I love the Irish really ;)